Thursday, October 29, 2015

Stepping Out

Once upon a time, in a land far away (also known as NorthEAST Arkansas), I blogged. Not well and not often, but I made an attempt. Back then, blogs were basically my way of whining my way through the world of wondering when/if I would ever be a mom.

 Don't go back and try to find those blogs now. They have hopefully been obliterated from the world wide web. Seriously, that was some whiny stuff. But I enjoyed the process, even if my writing was not the greatest and my sarcasm never actually translated to a very wide audience.

 Fast forward a few years, and I'm in a much happier place now. Not just because my dreams of becoming a mom have been fulfilled. But because the things I learned along the way have shaped me into a person who, hopefully, isn't quite so easily shaken when things don't go my way. Which brings me to this blog. Lately, I've felt a stirring to step back out there. Not into the world of blogging per se, but to the world of "doing." Adoption caused me to hit the pause button on a lot of things. And, while I've enjoyed (and NEEDED) the break, I don't think God gave me a difficult season in life just so I could sit back when it was all over and say, "Gee, I'm glad that turned out my way. Now I'll make sure and keep it all to myself so someone else has to learn it the hard way JUST LIKE I DID!"

 So, I'm going to attempt the blog thing again. And I will endeavor to make it semi-regular. I'm not going to promise amazing spiritual revelations or even anything more than the occasional humorous child story, but I promise to endeavor to be real and to share just a little of what I'm learning along the way. Oh, and I also promise grammar issues that would make Pina Sturdivant cry (shout out to Pina--Comp. Professor to the Stars at good ole Lyon College.)

So, here it is. My first toe back in the water. Join me and we'll both see where this thing goes.


  1. I've been wanting to pick my blogging back up again, too.
    I can't wait to hear about your stories!!!
    See you in the blog-o-sphere!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your posts

  3. Oh Kristi!! I'm so happy to read this and I can't wait to follow along with you here! So glad God brought you into my life!